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    Kahina Orchestra Concert


    Koncert Kirken

    Copenhagen Jazz Festival

    KAHINA II by Johanna Sulkunen & Randi Pontoppidan

    Koncertkirken Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2nd July – 2021 kl 19:00  


     ‘Kahina’ is an Arabic mythic figure, a queen, a warrior, a prophetess, seer or witch.

    She is said to live in the late seventh century and to have had supernatural powers which enabled her amongst others to foretell the future, talk with the birds and be a strong leader and an early feminist.

     –  ‘Kahina’ is also a word in Finnish standing for a rustling, whining sound.


    Welcome to a journey from smooth, yet rough desserts where ancient themes and stories resemble with our postmodern visions.

    Line Up:

    Randi Pontoppidan – vocal / composition

    Johanna Sulkunen – vocal /composition 

    Guro Tveitnes – vocal 

    Anna Mose – vocal 

    Kamilla Kovacs – vocal 

    Carolyn Goodwin – Basclarinet 

    Pauline Hogstrand  – Bratch 

    Anne Andersen – trumpet 

    Maria Dybbroe – sax 

    Ida Bach Jensen – double bass

    Supported by Statens Kunstfond