1. Life In Life 05.26.2022 Randi Pontoppidan & Povl Kristian, Chant Records, NYC

2. Inner Lift 05.26.2021 Randi Pontoppidan & Sissel Vera Pettersen, Chant Records

3. Voicescapes 01.22.2021 Randi Pontoppidan & Thomas Buckner, Chant Records

4. Head¨Space  02.22.2020 Randi Pontoppidan & Christian Rønn, Chant Records

5. ROOMS 02.19.2019 Randi Pontoppidan solo, Label: Chant Records NYC

6. Space Geode 2018 Randi Pontoppidan & Greg Cohen, Chant Records NYC

7. Silence Trio 2  2018 Randi Pontoppidan, Jakob Davidsen & Sissel Vera Pettersen, Label: ILK

8. Skuggor Och Ljus 2016 Joel Illerhag & Nephilim Ensemble, Randi Pontoppidan, Johanna Sulkunen, Lo Ersare, Ania Rybacka & Elina Silova. Gateway

9. Vi Er  2014 Other Gardens: Randi Pontoppidan, Linda Edsjö & Jennifer Dill. Label: CDklassisk

10. Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Legend of The Pipe and Sweater 2013 Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Randi Pontoppidan, Jens Jefsen, Martin Fabrisius & Ole Theil. Label: JAP-5

11. Convocation 2012  Sissel Vera Pettersen, Randi Pontoppidan & Thomas Agergaard. Label: Time Span Records, Gateway

12. Ton & Träume 2012 Morten Søndergaard & Randi Pontoppidan

13. Stories 2011 – Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier, Randi Pontoppidan, Else Torp, Jakob Bloch Jespersen, Chris Watson & Miriam Andersen. Label: Harmonia Mundi

14. LIFT vs Sydow, 2007 – Sissel Vera Pettersen, Randi Pontoppidan & Hans Sydow. Label: Gateway

15. Kasper Bai Orchestet 2006,  Kasper Bai, Fredrik Lundin, Anders Banke, Knut Finsrud, Thomas Caudery, Peter Jensen, Niels Gerhardt, Robert Karlsson, Tobias Wallin, Johan Segerberg & Randi Pontoppidan. Label: Gateway

16. Corrosion  2002 – Poul Doornbusch, Randi Pontoppidan, Stephie Büttrich Label: Poul Doornbusch

ROOMS out on Chant Records 2019

Randi Pontoppidan – Voice & Live Electronic Processing

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5 stars to a voice with power and magic – Berlingske Tidende

Soundart appear from empty space using only her voice – Politiken


Danish singer makes soundart appear from empty space using only her voice


Life In Life out on chant Records New York 2022

Randi Pontoppidan – Voice, bells, Pitch pipe & Live Electronic Processing

Povl Kristian – Grand piano

Life in Life contains the seeds for a world-bouilding work in a larger format.

The marvelous release is best when Pontoppidan lifts us into the troubled dreams. Up into the gray clouds, where one looks down on a changed world through condensed water steam. – Seismograf

INNER LIFT out on Chant Records May 2021

Sissel Vera Pettersen – Voice, Singing bowls & Live Electronic Processing

Randi Pontoppidan – Voice, Zither & Live Electronic Processing

It is an absolutely sublime moment that the two inspired singers offer us. Voices mingling with astonishing fluidity. A record of inexhaustible illuminating beauty. Simply captivating! -Inactuelles, FR

Sublime, sensual and divine. It’s extremely breathtaking – vocal art of extraordinary strength. The duo balances superbly between the avant-garde, the meditative and the sacred – and speaks not only to my intellect, but also to my senses and emotions. And the artistic span is thus an achievement. 6 stars – Gaffa, DK

‘Inner Lift’ is one of the most compelling and transfixing albums I’ve heard for a while.This is captivating music that doesn’t obey conventional rules and it’s glorious for it. -Vital Weekly

Ethereal-strict beauty, asceticism and richness of sound in one. 5

With influences from different traditions and styles, they form a completely new aesthetic world. The ritual sense is

A crystalline work, with round and soft sounds, to be listened to with closed eyes on the parquet of an empty room. -Music Map, IT


Voicescapes out on Chant Records 2021

Thomas Buckner – Voice

Randi Pontoppidan – Voice & Live Electronic Processing

There’s a real depth to the
music here, all spontaneously created and every
moment full of assurance. The electronic
processing is subtle and fitting ….  A gem. The Sound Projector, Ed Pinsent


Head¨Space out on Chant Records 2020

Randi Pontoppidan – Voice & Live Electronic

Christian Rønn – Würlitzer & Effects

Space Geode out on Chant Records 2018

Event Horizon:

Greg Cohen – Double bass

Randi Pontoppidan – Voice & Live Electronic