Solo:  Randi Pontoppidan, voice and live electronic


Event HorizonGreg Cohen & Randi Pontoppidan, double bass & voice + electr .

Sissel Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidanvoices and live electronics.

Martin Fabricius & Randi Pontoppidan – vibraphone & voice and live electronics.

Christian Rønn & Randi Pontoppidan – würlitzer piano, voice & electronics.

Povl Kristian & Randi Pontoppidanpiano, voices and live electronics

SMELTAnders Børup & Randi Pontoppidan – voices and live electronics

Thomas Buckner & Randi Pontoppidan – voices and live electronics


Lindemann/Bruun/Pontoppidan – Randi Pontoppidan (Voice/effects), Kirstine Lindemann (Sub and Bass Recorder) and Peter Bruun (Drums)

DYRET – Randi Pontoppidan (Voice/effects), Simon Toldam (piano/effects) and Thomas Agergaard (Sax).


OTHER WORLD – Thomas Agergaard (Sax), Randi Pontoppidan (Voice/effects), Lisbet Diers (Drums), Joel Illerhag (Bass)

Quintets and more:

IKIJohanna Sulkunen, Randi Pontoppidan, Anna Mose, Kamilla Kovacs, Guro Tveitnes – voices and live electronics.

THEATRE OF VOICESPaul Hillier, Else Torp, Signe Asmussen, Iris Oja, Jakob Bloch Jespersen, Jakob Skjoldborg, Randi Pontoppidan and more singers

BESPEAKRandi Pontoppidan (Voice/effects), Anders Børup (Voice/effects), Makiko Hirabayashi (Piano), Soma Allpass (Cello), Dalia Faitelson (guitar/handpan/gongs)

KAHINA – Randi Pontoppidan (voice/composition), Johanna Sulkunen (voice/composition), Guro Tveitnes (voice), Anna Mose (voice), Kamilla Kovacs (voice), Carolyn Goodwin (bass clarinet), Pauline Hogstrand (viola), Anne Anderson (trompet), Ida Bach Jensen (double bass) og Maria Dybbroe (sax)

DAMKAPELLET Mika Persdotter, Tove Bagge, Pauline Hogstrand, Kirstine Lindemann, Randi Pontoppidan, Ida Nørby, Josefine Weber Hansen, Julija Morgan, Irene Bianco, Nadia Okrusko, Lisa Marie Vogel, Nicole Hogstand, Oda Mathilde Holstad Dyrnes..


SOLO  Randi Pontoppidan 
5 stars to a voice with power and magic – Berlingske
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Randi Pontoppidan’s new album ‘Rooms’ is constructed using only her voice, filtered through various electronic effects and machines. The Danish vocalist, composer and improviser uses this unique and intimate palette to create vast sonic landscapes full of organic warmth and poetic sensibility. Pontoppidan is an internationally acclaimed artist, having worked with jazz luminaries including Greg Cohen, Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Sissel Vera Pettersen and with Danish poet Morten Søndergaard. She’s also an in-demand vocalist in the contemporary classical world, working with Paul Hillier’s Theatre of Voices and performing works by Steve Reich, David Lang, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage and others. On ‘Rooms,’ a follow-up to her previous Chant Records album ‘Space Geode’ with Greg Cohen, Pontoppidan explores the outer limits and deepest secrets of the human voice while drawing on inspirations including free jazz, electroacoustic composition and sound poetry.
Randi is a poet of the highest order. With Rooms she takes us on a voyage where space is filled with color and light. And the unexpected is around each corner. – Greg Cohen

5 stars in the Danish daily Berlingske

4 hearts in the Danish daily Politiken

This is the first american review on the blog albumaday. (Take care it is not for kids:-)

With nothing but her voice and live electronics, Danish vocalist, composer and improviser Randi Pontoppidan creates vast sonic landscapes full of organic warmth and poetic sensibility. She invites the listener deeper into the personal sonic world of her voice. Her work draws on inspirations ranging from free jazz and electroacoustic composition to sound poetry.

Trio: Simon Toldam, Thomas Agergaard, Randi Pontoppidan


Sissel Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan –  voices & live electronics

The former duo called Lift began there journey in 2003, now called Randi Pontoppidan & Sissel Vera Pettersen is an experimental, improvising and imaginative mini-ensemble, The two women share a common yearning to explore the multitude of timbral resources of the human voice and to engender a musical space without any recourse to any other musical instruments. The use of loop machines and the live manipulation of the voice contribute to the result that the soundscapes vary from the entirely near and intimately acoustic to a world of ambient sounds and hypnotic beats. The duo’s repertoire consists of original compositions and free improvisation.Inspiration comes from many different streams of influence: pygmy-songs, noise, joik, vocalise, human beat-box, Scandinavian hymns, jazz and the whole cache of everyday songs we have around us, which we might not always be listening to ….

Pettersen and Pontoppidans highly original sound have led to collaborations with dancers, performers and video artists such as Morten Carlsen, Stuart Lynch and Bo Madvig. Out with three albums – New on its way Release May 26. 2021. They is also touring extensively in Norwegian and Danish schools with Rikskonsertene – Here called LIFT 😉

Listen to a lovely song from the album Lift: Helikon

Randi Pontoppidan/Morten Søndergaard



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